Car Seat Safety

As a busy parent, creating a safe and convenient way to transport young children is an essential part of daily life. Ensuring that your child has a durable and secure car seat is vital to their safety. According to the National Safe Kids Campaign, children ages four and younger who ride in motor vehicles unrestrained are twice as likely to die or suffer injuries in a car crash.

However, simply having a car seat (or infant carrier) is not enough. Car seats and seat belts must be used correctly to provide the best protection. We encourage parents to get a car seat check-up at an inspection station near you, register your car seat and be informed about recalls. Any local police or fire station has resources to provide a car seat safety check, and Valley Children’s Healthcare regularly hosts care seat safety check-up events at Valley Children’s Hospital and at various locations throughout the Valley.

For more information about how to keep your child safe while traveling in a vehicle, take a look at these helpful online resources: