Good nutrition is an important part of health for people of all ages, but especially for children, who are growing and need a solid nutritional foundation to reach their developmental milestones. When it comes to determining the best diet for your newborn, infant, child or teen, focus on variety, portion control and nutrition.

Remember: parents lead by example, and nutrition is no exception. Your children look to you as a model for what a healthy diet looks like. Support healthy eating for the whole family, and make cooking and eating healthful foods a part of your family’s everyday life. One way to get your little ones interested in eating healthy foods is to get them involved in preparing healthy foods. Encourage your kids to help in the kitchen: ask them to wash fruits and vegetables, explain to them why a certain food is healthy and let them choose a healthy recipe to prepare.

Have questions about a healthy diet for your child? Ask your Valley Children’s pediatrician for more information and advice. Or, check out these helpful online resources: