For parents, bedtime can often be a battle, especially when competing with the television, toys and other activities. Establishing a good sleep schedule for your child is key because quality sleep is essential to their child’s growth and development. Inadequate sleep can result in reduced attention and memory, and can impact a child’s behavior and mood. For school-aged children, lack of sleep can negatively impact their ability to learn and participate in the classroom.

Safe Sleep for Baby

Having a new baby can be an exciting – and exhausting – time in a parent’s life. With a new parent’s irregular sleep schedule, it can be hard to remember all new appointments, recommendations and details your baby requires. When it comes to keeping your baby safe when he’s sleeping, remembering is as easy as “Back to Sleep, Tummy to Play!” Place your baby on her back in a crib or bassinet with a tight-fitting crib sheet and no blankets, pillows or toys. This is safer for baby because it reduces the risk of suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Establishing a Sleep Routine

To help make bedtime a relaxing and battle-free routine, start creating wind-down procedure early in your child’s life. Some parents start with bath time and then read a story before tucking their children in bed. Others make tidying up their children’s bedroom a standard part of their evening routine. Whatever your family’s preference, make it a habit to repeat the steps each night – even on weekends – so that your child settles into a standard bedtime routine.

Resources for Parents